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Free Shipping in terms of value, weight, destination and shipping mode of the order. (details below)

- Nocustoms feewithin Europe Union (including UK)

- ** Delivery for Free(or can be parcially refund) for customers who choose to collection there order in person** ( see details below )

- The amountof deliverydepends on the weightof the package.
-The weightis indicatedin the descriptionof each item.
-The packageweight isautomatically calculatedbased on the contentsof your bag.
-After the receiptionof your payment,packages are shippedwithin 24/ 48H, except holidays and week-ends.

As regardsthe transmissionof packages,they aresent:
- In Metropolitaine France with Lettre Suivi or Colissimo WITH Chasing Code (signiture non required) : 2-3 working days
- For French overseas territories, by Colissimo WITH Chasing Code : 5-10 working days
- For other countries, by "colissimo international" or "lettre suivi international" or "Mondial Relay" WITH Chasing Code : 5-10 working days
- For all orders from outside France must have Chasing Code/ Tracking number for security reasons.
The status of the order with the tracking number can be always found in on "order history" of the customer's account page.
- Tracking number will be sent to the customer by e-mail after the package being delivered to the transporter.
( ATTENTION: These confirmation e-mails are sent automaticaly from our site, it's possile that they could be sent to your spam/ junk folder or even filtered by a professional e-mail box )

- NOTE : Orders over500gramsis notpossible forcountries other thanFrancebecause of their higher costs, but you can always contact us for a solution.

-La Poste ( Colissimo, Lettre suivi, courrier international ) :

livraison laposte france poste 1
(delay: 2-4 working days in France, 5-10 working days for outside France metropolitaine )

Achat/ PoidFrance métropolitaine (euro)Outre-Mer Zone 1* (euro)Outre-Mer Zone 2(euro)

EU and Switzerland (euro)

Other contries (euro)
79 - 100 euro (0.5-1kg) 2 (Discount)10 (0.5-1kg)X12.5 (0.5-2kg)X
79 - 100 euro (1-2kg)4 (Discount)XX12.5 (0.5-2kg)X
>=79 euro           
0 (FREE) (<500g)5.7 (<500g)  / 10 (0.5-1kg)  7.5 (<500g)8.5 (<500g) /  20 (<500g)
>=100 euro   
0 (FREE) (<2kg) 5.7 (<500g)  / 10 (0.5-1kg)7.5 (<500g)8.5 (<500g) / 12.5 (0.5-2kg) 20 (<500g)

*Outre-Mer Zone 1: Guyane, Guadeloupe, Martinique, La Réunion, St Pierre et Miquelon, St Barthélémy, St-Martin et Mayotte
*Outre-Mer Zone 2: Nouvelle-Calédonie, Polynésie française, Wallis-et-Futuna, T.A.A.F.


-Mondial Relay ( Point relais or domicile )  :

livraison mondial relay 1

(delay: 5-8 working days in general)

1. Point relais ( France, Belgique, Luxembourg, Spain* ):

<=500g : 5.95 €       ( >=69€ : FREE ) /  Spain: 9.5€ ( >=100€: FREE)
500g - 1kg : 6.70€  ( >=79€ : FREE )  /  Spain: 10€ ( >=120€: FREE)
1kg - 2kg : 7.50€     ( >=79€ : FREE )  /  Spain: 11.5€ ( >=120€: FREE)
2kg - 3kg : 8.50€     ( >=100€ : FREE )  /  x
3kg - 5kg : 9.50€     ( >=100€ : FREE )  /  x
5kg - 7kg : 12€     ( >=120€ : FREE )  /  x


 2. Domicile 1 Belgique, Luxembourg, Germany, Netherland ):

 max 2kg : 10.90€ ( >=120€ : FREE )

3. Domicile 2 UK, Spain ):

max 1kg : 11.70€ (>=120€ : FREE)

4. Domicile Italy, Austria, Portugal ):

max 1kg : 12.7€ (>=120€ : FREE)


Green commitment ~ more paper, less plastic~!
Details HERE (in french) blog

Explanation video on Instagram story (in french)

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**Collecting orders in person ( Half Refund or Free ) :

For customers residentinLille.
The possible addressesand time:

manga dokaze librairie lille livraison gratuite chezfee com boutique kawaii

( Half Refund ) 
 At the manga store Manga Dokaze  in Lille (payment by Paypal or in person ):

7 rue de la clef, 59000 Lille, Tuesday-Saturday 10:30 - 19:00,  from the Tuesday of the week after the the order

-1- Pass order on the site as usual.
-2- Contact us by E-mail, Informe us your full name and order number, and confime that you want to go collect your order in the manga store Manga Dokaze in Lille
-3- As we usually pass by Lille once per week,normally saturday afternoon, you can come take your order on Saturday night before 20:00 of the week, or from Tuesday the next week.
(** Please don't forget to bring the ID card with you ! :p
-4- Contact us again to confirm the reception once you've got the products you ordered.
-5- We will then refund half of the shipping fee for you by Paypal.

2.In front of the post office of Marcqen Baroeul (possible for payment in cash):

60 RueRaymondDerain,59700,
Monday to Thursday,18:45 - 19:00,Friday 17:45 - 18h.

1.Pass the order on our site, then quit paypal page without paying, without cancling ( if you would like to pay in cash);
2.Contact us by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm your order and notice us the order number, your name, mobile phone number and the time and day you prefer to meet up for collecting your order;
3.We will contact you back and reserve the products within 24 hours;
4.You will fix the RDV with us to collect your order at the adress mentionned before .

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Return policy

According to the ArticleL121-16 ofthe Consumer Code, if aproblemoccurs, weaccept returnswithin 7days. Please contact us byemail and notice us the reasons beforereturning the goods.
Products must beunusedand in perfectcondition for resalewhen they return. When usingor damage, part of the refund willbe charged.

The return feesare your responsibility. Howeverin case of knownerrorson our part(non-conformity of the product deliveredcomparedwith the order), we will coverallreturnpostage.

Therefund is madewithin 3 working days.


To contact us, please sendan email through our contact form or to this email address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



In case ofdelay in deliveryof more than8 days (orders within France) ( 15days for EU countries, 3-4weeks for other countries), we advise you to contactyour local post officetomake sure yourpackage is notpending,then if appropriate, to informe us thisdelayby email.

** WARNING: ChezFée.comisnot responsiblefordelays orlossesof the Post.**
In case of losse and to be sure to get full refund for an expensive order, please contact us to add an assurance for it.

- If you haveencountered a problemconcerning the delivery (delay, loss etc.), weadvise you to contactthe Post Officedirectlyin your neighborhood.

**-If thedelivery problemisdue to an uncorrect address costumer gaveus for the order, or absence for reception / pick-up of the package that the package is returned to us, 
unfortunately we can notreturn itfor freeand the customer mustpay for thenew shipment.