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Hello and welcome to our online cute shop "ChezFé" !

I had the idea to create a small virtual store presented in the form of a comic blog in which you have the chance to discover a blend of unique culture, inspired by our stories and those of our friends (also international couples )."ChezFé" is a unique place where the mutual enrichment of several different cultures gives life to all these cute small objects.

( We speak English and French, if you have any question, please contact us on the contact page or send us an email here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) ^o^

Design as profession, passion for animals, nature and kawaii culture, I have selected the best items that once personalized, became the "little things" that we can afford. These gifts, the fruit of intensive research in Japan, China, and South Korea ( With the authentic products of somme popular brands and characters such as: Rilakkuma, Sentimental Circus of San-X; HelloKitty, Little Twin Stars of Sanrio; Totoro of Studio Ghibli; Cosmetic of Etude House etc. ), are tokens of affection and friendship. Still not too easy to find in France, I invite you to discover these wonderful objects. I wish you a nice discovery on

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❤❤ Thanks for the support from ours families and friends to this project ! (^v^) And of course thank you, our dear client ! The shop could existe and have developed itself thank to your support and trust ❤❤ ~ \ (≧ ▽ ≦) / ~ ❤❤


Attention !

Despite the cute looking design of the products in our shop, they are mainly for young adults and adult users who are at least 10 years old. Most of out products contain smallparts thatare not appropriatefor small children less than 6 years old. We will notice it in the product's description when it's suitable for the usage for young kids and babies. 

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Our brands and characters (All authentic products):

San-X (Japan)

Rilakkuma, Sentimental Circus, Kutusita Nyanko, Sumikko Gurashi, Tare Panda ...

Studio Ghibli ( Nibariki ) (Japan)

Totoro, Jiji le chat noir de Kiki la petite sorcière, Le voyage de Chihiro, Princesse Mononoke ...

Sanrio (Japan)

Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, My Melody, Gudetama ...

Amuse (Japan)

Alpacasso, KoroHamu Hamster, Pote Usa Loppy Lapin ...

Sunlemon (Japan)

Peluches des animaux

Cosmetiques (South Korea, Japan)

Etude House, The Faceshop, Tony Moly, It's Skin, Sanrio ...

Stickers (South Korea, Japan, China)

Funny Sticker World, Suatelier, Q-Lia, Mind Wave Seals, Graphic Station, Daisy Land

Some Chinese brands

Authentic plushies of LanBai WanOu, Stationery from AiHao and Languo

Other Japanese specialities and characters

Sailor Moon, Doraemon, Neko Atsume, Disney Japan, Gashapon collections ...

FAQ boutique kawaii en ligne chezfee com produit

Legales notice and Copyright

"ChezFé"is a self-declared business (auto-entreprise) under numberSIRET789 191 50900023
Contact informations
5 rue Meunier,
59700 Marcq en Baroeul
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Site internet created by : ChezFé
Graphic / web design : Yophilia  

COPYRIGHT 2013-2018 ChezFé ( all rights reserved )All photos, designsand illustrationspresented on this websiteor on thewebsiteare the property ofChezFée.comand can not beused for personal or business purposes.Forpublic use, please contact us firstto this addressThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Thank you!


Terms and Conditions

 Process création de compte







These termsare intended todefine the rights andobligationsof our company(ChezFé consumersthroughonline salesofitems offered onthe website.

  Theonlinesalesaresubject to these generalconditions of sale andany order placedby the buyerimpliesacceptanceofthe contentsof the provisionsbelow.
  The clientacknowledges having readat the time ofplacing the order, theseconditions of saleand expressly acceptthem without reservation.

1. Terms:

"ChezFé" reservesthe right to adaptor modify atany time theseterms and conditions.
  Theitems for saleon the websiteare presented anddetailedso that everyconsumer beable toConna? Bethe essential characteristics ofproducts theywishto buy(ArticleL 111-1of the ConsumerCode).The photos thatillustratethe descriptionof the articlesare for informationonly and arenot contractual.
  Themarks appearingon our pagesbelongto their(s)owner (s)respective(s)and the productsthat we sellare notfromour own creations.


- The prices ofour products are indicatedin euros andare exclusive ofpostage, before tax (HT).
- VAT (sales tax) not applicable, section293Bof the CGI. (auto-entreprise / self-declared business in France)
-Shipping costsyouarebeingspecifiedorder and areavailable on the websitein the "Shipping Costs".
-ChezFée.comreserves the rightto modify the selectionat any timein termsof products andprices according toparticular constraints relatedto suppliers.The products will bebilled basedon rates in effectat the time oforder entrysubject to availability.

3.Availability of the produits

-WeWill honor yourorder whilestock is available.
-InThe event thatone of ourproducts orderedis not availablein ourstocks, we promise to contactyou by emailwithin15 daysfrom thedate of your orderto inform youandyouindicatehow soon, this product couldbe delivered to you. The buyer canifhe wishesto cancel the order.
-TheAvailabilityshownare indicatedfor information purposes onlyand do not representin any way acontractual commitment.


-TheShippingorpostageare chargedin addition to theselling priceof the productsordered by the customer. These feesare shownduring the passageof the order andspecifiedbefore recordingit.They includethe cost ofpacking, the utility'spreparation costsand postage. The amountvariesaccording to countryand weight ofpackage.

-Discount on delivery fee for29europurchase. Based on the totalweight of the order, you willget discountor freeshippingchargeson your order.

- Nocustoms feewithin European Union( including UK )

-For more detailed informations concerning the shipping methodes and shipping fee, please click here
The total weightof your orderis calculated automaticallywhen addingof a productin your bag.
You can choosethe shipping feeaccording toyour locationfrom the listof choicesofferedbefore paymentof your order.

-We keep our rightsto cancel the orderand informthe customer ifthe option chosen forthe cost of deliveryis notgood.
 If a customercanfindthe right option forthe shipping fee, we ask them to contactus at theemail addressThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view find asolution.

- For orders outsidemainland France, the "economic packageoverseas"(with chasing code) or "colissimo overseas" for Zoneoverseas, and"Small InternationalPriorityPackage" or "colissimo international" (with chasing code) will be automatically selectedto send theparcel. The chasing code will be send to customers after the package is sent. If you didn't find the informations of shipping fee of your location, you can contact usvia email(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to obtain the rateofdeliverychargesyour orderand asolutionpaiement.

-Warning:orders over500gramsis notpossible forcountries other thanFrancebecause of theirhigher costs, but you can always contact us for the solutions.


In case ofdelay in deliveryof more thaneight days (orders within France) ( 15days for EU countries, 3-4weeks for other countries), we advise you to contactyour local post officetomake sure yourpackage is notpending,then if appropriate, to informe us thisdelayby email.

**-Attention: ChezFée.comisnot responsiblefordelays orlossesof the Post office **

- If you haveencountered a problemconcerning the delivery (delay, loss etc.), weadvise you to contactthe Post Officedirectlyin your neighborhood.

- If thedelivery problemisdue to an uncorrect address costumer gaveus for the order, unfortunately we can notreturn itfor freeand the customer mustpay for thenew shipment.


6.Payment methods :

We accept the following 4 methods of payment:

1) Paypal / Credit card, 2) Check, 3) Bank transfer, 4) In person (in cash)

The price is payableto the order.
The goods remainthe property ofChezfée.comuntil full paymentof the amounts due.


Process paiement commande
1) Credit card / Paypal / Stripe ( Carte-bleu, Visa, Paypal account ) :

To know more about Paypal, please check here .
We have chosenthe securepayment methodofferedby Paypal.The transactionis donein optimalsecurity conditions onthe Paypal site, your bank details will not be passed to the site

Tomake this paymentonlineyouarerequired: the creditcard number,expiration dateandthe last 3 figuresof the cryptogramon the back ofyour card.

Youabsolutelydonot needa Paypal or Stripe account.Paypal / Stripe works like atraditional bankthat acceptscredit card paymentsover the Internet.

2) By check :
 Only for customers resident in France.

Simply write down your name, surname, address and order numberby letter, then mail ittogether with the check(madepayable to: Mazik)within a maximum periodof one week.

**Adresse to : Mme. MAZIK
5 rue Meunier
59700 Marcq en Baroeul
Attention: We sendyour orderafter receipt ofthe check transferto our company's account.

1. Add the products in your cart,
2. Confirm the order, then quit the paypal page without paying,
3. Please send us an email to confirm us your order before sending us the check,
4. We reserve your order and wait for your check,
5. Your order will be sent as soon as we receive your payment.

Process paiement cheque3) By bank transfer :
As the steps for payment by check,
1. Add the products in your cart,
2. Confirm the order, then quit the paypal page without paying,
3. Send us an email to confirm us your order and to get the information of our bank account for a bank transfer,
4. We reserve your order and wait for your transfer,
5. Your order will be sent as soon as we receive your payment.

4) In person (payment in cash) :

Only forcustomers resident inthe city of Lille. (youcan pay by cash, no shippingcosts)

Address andschedules available:
In front of the post office of Marcqen Baroeul:
60 RueRaymondDerain,59700,

Monday to Thursday,18:45 - 19:00,
Friday 17:45 - 18h.

1.Pass the order on our site, then quit paypal page without paying, without cancling;
2.Contact us by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm your order and notice us the order number, your name, mobile phone number and the time and day you prefer to meet up for collecting your order;
3.We will contact you back and reserve the products within 24 hours;
4.You will fix the RDV with us to collect your order at the adress mentionned before .


Thepurchase orderthat you establishonlineororder confirmation sentbyemailChezFée.comdo notinvoice.Whateverthe control meansor payment method, the Customer candownloadthe invoice(inFrench) from theaccount created on
 ChezFée.comretainan electronic copy ofeach invoice.

ChezFée.combeing aautoentreprise, VATinvoiceis not deductible: "TVA non applicable, article 293B du CGI".

8.Return policy

According to the ArticleL121-16 ofthe Consumer Code, ifaproblemoccurs, weaccept returnswithin 14days. Pleasecontact us byemail and notice us the reasons beforereturning the goods.
Products and their original packages must beunusedand in perfectcondition for resalewhen they return. When usingor damage, part of the refund willbe charged. (exeption: It's not possible to return opened BlindBox / boîte mystérieuse )
The return feesare your responsibility. The customer is obliged to return his articles with a  package corresponds to the standards of the Post Office, by the mode of delivery of his choice preferably with chasing code, to be able to refer to the Post Office in case of loss or stealing.

Howeverin case of knownerrorson our part(non-conformity of the product deliveredcomparedwith the order), we will coverallreturnpostage.
Therefund is madewithin 3 working days after the reception of the returned products.
If the errors are at the customer's fault, all the fees that occurred (preperation, comunication, bank, telephone, lost of package etc.) will be the customer's responsibility.
If it's at the delivery company's fault, the refund will be made until we get the answer and confirmation from this company.

To contact us, please sendan email through our contact form or to this email address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

9. Reserved property :

 According to the law n°80.335 of May 12 1980, "ChezFé" reserves ownershipof the goods delivereduntil full payment.

10. Data protection act :

The informationrequested from the customeris required to processand executionof the order.
We do notdistributeyour details toother companies.
Theemail addressis only forservices"ChezFé" noemailaddress is sold, given, soldor exchanged.
The right (Article 34 of the Law ofJanuary 6, 1978) a right to access,modify, rectifyanddelete dataconcerning him, hecan practice before"ChezFé". To do this,you can contact us
By E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
By letter : MAZIK 
 5 rue Meunier, Entrée D 
59700 Marcq en Baroeul

11. Litigation:

These general terms ans conditions of sale are governed by French law.
"ChezFé" can not be held liable for damages of any kind, whether bodily or material that could result from the misuse of products sold. The responsibility for "ChezFé" will be limited to the amount of the order and can not be blamed for simple errors or omissions that may occur despite all precautions taken in presenting the products.
In case of difficulties in implementing this contract, the buyer has the option, before any legal action to seek an amicable solution with the help of a professional association for the industry, a consumer association or any other counsel of his choice.
Claims or disputes will always be received with attentive benevolence, good faith is always presumed in those who took the trouble to explain his situation. In case of dispute, the customer should first contact the company to obtain an amicable solution.
Otherwise, the Tribunal de Commerce de Nîmes has exclusive jurisdiction, regardless of delivery location and method of payment accepted.


Theproducts are conformtothe Frenchlegislation.   Responsibility forChezFée.comcan not be engagedin case of noncompliance with the legislationof the country wherethe products are delivered(prohibition of a title ...). It is your responsibilityto check with localauthorities the possibilities ofimportation or useof productsor services youplan to order.   The photographs andreproduced andtextsillustrating the products presentedare not contractual.   The trademarks, logos, trade names, the architecture of thewebsite, its contentas well as software, text, animated or still images, sounds, and allothercomponent elementsthe websiteare protected bycopyrightlawtrademarks orany otherintellectual property rightsand are the exclusiveproperty of thecompanyChezFée.comunless otherwise stated. Any reproduction of thecontents of thiswebsiteis prohibited.

Consequently, the responsibility of the siteChezfee.comcan not be engagedin case of errorin oneof thesephotographs or oneof these texts.
ChezFée.comwillnot be heldliable for breachof contract incase ofshortage orunavailabilityof the product,force majeure, disruption or totalor partialstrike of postalservices andtransport and /orcommunications, flood, fire.
Hyperlinks canlink to otherwebsites thanChezFé, Chezfee.comdisclaims all liabilityifthe content of thesesites violate thelaws and regulationsin force.


Furthermore, you agree to abide by theconditions of useof the products, or other documentsin lieu thereof, by manufacturers,vendorsor otherbeneficiaries.
In case of noncompliance with these provisions, you agree without delaytothe first request forChezFée.comto testifyin connection withany legalaction that may bebrought against himby the manufacturers, publishersor assigns ofallproducts, includingthereimbursement ofBoardexpenses.
Under these conditions,ChezFée.comwill keep you informedas soon as possibleof anycontentiousaction takenon this basisfor his arrest.


13. VIP Fairies (Fées VIP)   

1) Fée de Jade : for anaggregatepurchaseminimum of 50you will have apermanent reductionof -2% for certain products on the site
2) Fée de Saphir : for anaggregatepurchaseminimum of€ 100, you will have a permanent reductionof -5% for certain products on the site
3) Fée d'Améthyste : for anaggregatepurchaseminimum of€ 200, you will have a permanent reductionof -10% for certain products on the site
4) Fée de rêve : for anaggregatepurchaseminimum of€ 300, you will have a permanent reductionof -15% for certain products on the site

Normally the VIP status of clients will be changed manualy after the last order being sent. VIP clients will then be able to access to the discount price of some products in the shop.